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Blaqus is a company which specialises in the marketing and distribution of high quality products in the food sector.

Blaqus first started its operations in 1998 through the company Distribuïdora Especialitzada en Qualitat S.L., which initially focused its activity on the distribution of gourmet products in Spain. Afterwards, the company added export and import to its distribution activity, thanks to the effort made to create and consolidate a commercial network to the European continents, North America and South America.


blaqus-mapa-sinlogo-doradoThe main aim of our activity is to fulfill the supply needs of our clients with exclusive and high-quality products, whether they are on a national or international scope.

On a national scope we work to provide distributors, the HORECA channel and supermarkets with a very large range of products, both national and imported.

Internationally, we export different Spanish products by introducing them in the destination countries through distributors, supermarkets and specialised stores.

We have always been passionate about the ecological sector and its philosophy and therefore we are working to introduce and promote a large variety of “Eco” products.


The Blaqus-inc team is formed by a multidisciplinary team, which consists of commercial agents with long professional careers in this sector.

Our international marketing success wouldn’t be possible without the large input from our collaborators abroad. It’s for this reason why we consider them to be part of our team.